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If you are planning to move to the North Metro Atlanta area and don’t want to be too close to the city, but don’t want to be too far away either, chances are you’ve come across the town of Braselton, Georgia.

Braselton is unique because the town itself is divided between four counties: Barrow, Gwinnett, Hall, and Jackson Counties.

Hi, I’m Tim Trevathan of Tim Trevathan Homes. I help people from across Atlanta who are looking to upgrade or downsize their home as well as people from across the country who are moving to the area for the first time. Moving can be a stressful process, and my goal is to remove the stress and make it as seamless as possible for you. Please don’t hesitate to give me a call or send a text or an email and let me know how I can help you in your home search!

Today we are going to talk about the pros and cons of living in Braselton. I also have videos on numerous other communities in the area, including neighboring Hoschton and nearby Buford. Be sure to check those out if you are in the process of deciding where in North Metro Atlanta, you’d like to call home.

Pro 1: Property Taxes. Unlike many of the towns and cities around Atlanta, Braselton has no municipal property tax. You heard me right; the millage rate is 0 for those who live in the city limits. You do still have to pay county property taxes, but not having to pay city property taxes is a nice perk that residents of most nearby cities do not enjoy.

Neighborhing Hoschton also did not have a property tax, but voted in 2022 to institute a 3.5 millage rate property tax for the first time. Winder and Buford, two other neighboring cities have had property taxes for years.

Con 1: Four Counties. Like I said earlier, Braselton is not large, but it is split between four counties. That means residents are served by four different school systems. Most of the schools serving the area are great but do be sure to check out the schools that specific homes you are looking at are zoned for and make sure they are a good fit for your family.

To make things even more confusing, some homes with Braselton addresses are outside of the city limits while some homes with Hoschton, Buford, or Flowery Branch addresses are in Braselton city limits!

Confusing, right? Thankfully, Braselton has link to a great map on their website that clearly shows the city limits and can help you determine if a home you are interested in is inside or outside of the city. Looking at this map, it’s no wonder Braselton has what the city calls postal confusion. Those are some crazy boundary lines!

Pro 2: Affordability. While there are homes listed over one million dollars in Braselton, there is a huge price range when it comes to homes in Braselton. The median sold price in November 2022 was $490,000, but when I was grabbing the numbers for this video, there were 81 homes available under $500,000 and 19 under $400,000.

Prices are of course higher than what they used to be in this area, partly due to the housing market craziness we’ve experienced and also due to development and the increasing popularity of the area. But, compared to nearby Buford and Hoschton, Braselton is more affordable and a great place to look. You also get more for your money out here than you would closer to Atlanta.

Con 2: Location. Unfortunately, there is only one real way to get from Braselton to downtown Atlanta and that is heading straight down I-85. The state has done its best to alleviate traffic and finished widening the interstate not too long ago, but the metro area keeps growing which means more cars joining the daily commute to and from Atlanta.

Right now, Braselton is sort of on the northern edge of Atlanta’s slow but steady suburban sprawl, which means that unfortunately you have to stay on the interstate a good bit longer than commuters who live closer to the city. Not a huge deal, but those extra minutes can add up to a pretty significant chunk of time over weeks and months.

Pro 3: Location. Because Braselton is on the northern edge of Atlanta’s suburban sprawl, you can escape to almost anywhere in the North Georgia Mountains in under 2 hours if you want a weekend away, and can hop over to Lake Lanier in just 30 minutes, making those a more convenient option than they would be if you lived closer to Atlanta.

Also, given Braselton’s proximity to more rural parts of Georgia, you aren’t far from a variety of farm stands if you like to purchase locally grown produce during the growing season. There are many more options within a 20-30 minute drive than you would have closer to the city.

Con 3: Lack of Shopping. Because Braselton is fairly small, and also has those crazy city limits, there is not a ton of shopping in Braselton. There are two Publixes  and a Kroger, but for other grocery store options or big box shopping like Target or Walmart you’ll have to leave Braselton and go elsewhere.  You can get almost anywhere you want to go within about 20 minutes, so it’s not really a problem, but you don’t have multiple grocery store or big box options just minutes away like you do some other places in the metro area.

Pro 4: Downtown Braselton. Downtown Braselton is small, very small, but the city is doing its best to make it a fun place to visit. The 1904 is a former mercantile from early in Braselton’s history that has become a community gathering place with a public lobby as well as shops and food and beverage options. There is a parking garage in downtown that makes parking a breeze for visiting the 1904 or attending a city event. The city also holds several popular events including a weekly farmers market during the growing season, a semi-annual antique and artisan festival, a 4th of July celebration on the town treen, Christmas light trolley tour, movies and concerts on the town green, and a chocolate walk as well as a Bourbon and Bacon Sip ‘n Stroll. Braselton may be small, but it works hard to be a place its residents love to live.

Here’s a quick fun fact: its not downtown, but Braselton hosts the Motul Petit Les Mans, an international endurance race each year that attracts cars and drivers from all over the world. It is located at Road Atlanta and the best part is kids under 12 are free!

Con 4: Traffic. I know, I talk a lot about traffic being a con for places in the Atlanta area. But usually, I talk about traffic in terms of your commute to downtown Atlanta. In Braselton, local traffic is the con. The reason for this traffic is growth and development, primarily in terms of new homes, has outpaced road widening and other infrastructure improvements. Changes are slowly but surely being made, like the new roundabout at Highway 211 and Old Hog Mountain Road, but in the meantime local traffic can be quite heavy during rush hour.

Pro 5: Chateau Elan. If you like to golf, enjoy the fine wine, or treat yourself to a luxury spa, you will love having Chateau Elan right around the corner. Chateau Elan considers itself North Georgia’s premier destination resort and offers top notch accommodations, dining, and golf, and has its own winery and spa as well. Book a weekend getaway or take advantage of the short drive and treat yourself to a relaxing day in the spa or out on one of their three golf courses. The winery produces over 30 wines on-site and the tasting room is open daily.

Con 5: Transitioning from small town to suburbia. This admittedly will be a pro for some people, but it is a con for a lot of people. If you have your eye on Braselton because you love the small-town feel, love seeing cows on your daily drive, or love feeling like you live close to the country or rural areas, you may want to move a little bit further out than Braselton. While Braselton currently has all those things, it is slowly but surely becoming developed one former pasture at a time.

So, if you are considering Braselton because you want to be close to the conveniences of suburbia, want a decent commute to Atlanta, or want more affordable housing than close to Atlanta, it is a great place to consider. If you are considering Braselton because you are currently in Gwinnett or Fulton Counties and want to trade the suburbs for the country, I would suggest that you look further out.

So, there you have it! Pros and cons of living in Braselton, Georgia. It really is a great place to call home and if you are interested in learning more or seeing what’s available in your price range, I’d love for you to give me a call, send a text, send an email, whatever is easiest for you!

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